What You Miss/ed (and Didn`t) About Working From the Office

We`ll even tell you some things you didn`t already know.

By Samuel Clemente 

We sensed you`ve been waiting for the definitive Japan Recruitment WFH survey so we worked a bit of overtime to put it together. Yes, we`re aware you`ve participated in and/or read about 100 of these WFH surveys already — so what makes this one different? Well, mainly because it`s better. It`s kind of funny. And we put a lot of time into it! So read me. Please.

Whether it`s an annual end of year bash, a regular summer trip, a quarterly (or daily!) drink up, many of you miss the camaraderie of both formal and informal work events.

A seriously big thanks to the hundreds of respondents who took the time to answer our questions.

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