What types of people tend to excel at Rinna?

(Alex Lagata Jr., Human Resources Manager for Japan and Indonesia) People with self-discipline, challenger mindset, and collaboration skills. Belief and passion about Artificial Intelligence is a must. After all, how can a service be sold if the ones who made it does not believe on the service itself. Our services are a product of passion and hard work with the clients’ plans in mind.

Company HQ Location

Shibuya Scramble Square, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Japan Office Location/s

Office is located in Shibuya, but everyone works remotely!

How Long in Japan

Started as part of Microsoft Development Japan from 2015. Spun off Microsoft and became an independent company from August of 2020.

# of people in Japan

70 at the moment

Services / Products

Planning, Research, Development, Operations, and Sales of Artificial Intelligence Services

Target Markets

B2B and B2C

Company Culture/DNA

Diversity, Equality, Trust

What is unique about how Rinna does business.

Part of our DNA is Equality in knowledge. We have weekly company meetings where every department shares updates, wins, and news about their work. Because of this, whether you work on the backend, or frontend, you will know the impact of the things you put work in. Developers can hear how the program they worked hard in sold and generated business, and salespeople will learn the idea behind the service they are selling. Everyone learns something new every week!

What else people should know about Rinna.

If you are looking for a company that lets your ideas grow and allows you to take ownership of projects whether big or small, then rinna is the company for you. We aim to connect people and make everyone’s life easier using Artificial Intelligence technology and we make sure that before we achieve that, every employee is also connected on a human level with everyone on the company. We design our products to mirror our organization’s structure so if you like our services, then you’ll definitely like working with us!

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