Japan Recruitment Leaders Speak on Market Challenges (Part 1)

by Tom Jones |

Japan Recruitment Market Challenges

We thought it would be fun (and informative) to talk to a bunch of people who`ve been around Japan`s recruitment block a few times to get their thoughts on what lies in store for the industry. These conversations focused on the challenges that have confronted Japan`s recruitment industry over the past 9-10 months or so (this article, Japan Recruitment Leaders Speak On Market Challenges), and the reasons the Japan market will continue to be outstanding for recruitment (Part 2, This Will Still Be the Best Market post-Covid). In Part 3 (Japan Recruitment Leaders: Interview Excerpts) we include excerpts of their conversations.

So let`s start with the challenges: which ones do you recognize as being true and which ones do you disagree with?

Some sectors are hurting badly, especially various parts of the consumer space and small to mid-sized companies in areas with impacted supply chains.
Karim Hakam, Morgan McKinley Operations Director, gave us this bit of guidance: “We have seen everything from people having video calls in corridors with their mobile phones to children running (naked) & screaming in the background. Such situations do not make for good impressions.” Definitely something to think about.
Casey Abel, MD of HCCR, suggests that clients are scrutinizing the value-add recruitment firms provide in this environment much more.

These 10 challenges in isolation might make some lose hope. Don`t! There are just as many reasons why there is cause for substantial optimism if you just stick with it. Click here for the followup article This Will Still Be the Best Market post-Covid

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