Japan Recruiter Survey: What You`re Not Loving About Your CRM

By Samuel Clemente 

Recruiters, like most people, need something to complain about. We`re human and we want what we want and even when we get what we want, we quickly identify other stuff we didn’t know we wanted and complain about not having it. It`s a thing of nature. Like hating on your CRM. Right? I mean, when is the last time you had a conversation with a colleague and chatted about how sweet your system is? Never. Admit it, you have never had that conversation for as long as you`ve been in the business.

Cartoon Man Hating Recruitment CRM
It`s “clicky & clunky” and in some cases wasn`t even made for recruitment in the first place!

So, knowing you probably needed a distraction from your candidate screening and your resume formatting and your snack runs to the convenience store, we decided to reach out and ask a bunch of you what it is that really bothers you about your system. We didn`t ask which system you`re using — we`re not selling CRMs, we don`t care. We just wanted to know what it is that your CRM lacks or seems incapable of doing. Here`s what many of you said:


This is not even close to the full list of grievances but you get the idea. To be fair, not all of you complained about the above. In fact, some of you ARE able to set BD & candidate follow-up reminders, or screen candidates easily without a hundred clicks, or share data and collaborate pretty easily, or effectively manage your teams using strong CRM-generated reporting. Apparently not all CRMs are created equal! If you happen to be using a system that avoids many of the above problems, don`t take it for granted; remember that even the best CRMs are painfully imperfect and rejoice that yours might be less imperfect than the other guy`s.

The rest of you can hit us up by text, mail, or phone if you want a shoulder to cry on. We are definitely here for you.

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