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Cornerstone Recruitment Japan K.K.|

What You Enjoy Most About Recruiting:

Money, colleagues, celebrating, and that every day is different!

Specialties / Skills

  • I am able to speak with confidence regardless of how nervous I can get.
  • I am detail-oriented, quick and passionate for learning, and have a strong desire to influence others to improve their organizational skills; but I have an even a stronger will to NOT comment on other peoples’ habits that I don`t like.
  • I just love to make things look neat, tidy and presentable…

RPO or Perm or Contract:

All Permanent

Career Path to Recruitment:

Graduated in the UK > 2 years’ Working Holiday in Australia > Recruitment in Japan

Tell Us a Recruiting Pet Peeve

Oh boy do I have many!

  • CRM system updates/upgrades that seem more like downgrades!…😊
  • Candidates who do not share information that would be helpful to them during the application/interview process
  • Resumes being rejected without comment or guidance on what`s missing

Most Notable Achievements:

    • Prior to joining Cornerstone, was top biller twice in a 120+ consultant firm without prior recruitment experience.
    • Was nominated rookie of the year across the office but lost to someone else (I recall she was either a manager or senior consultant but I have no doubt she earned it anyway).

Switched to the IT industry recruitment and made my first placement in less than a month!

Most Memorable Placement Story:

  • I had a candidate with 4 different offers, each with the same salary and similar benefits, yet she still took mine! And it was a contract position!
  • I had another candidate who had many concerns and was really reluctant to join my client. She was complaining to my manager about how she felt about the offer, and when I directly asked her about it, she said “oh never mind”, totally ghosted me, then ended up joining the company anyway and stayed almost two years.
  • One time my client lowballed a candidate by 15% less than his current income. I had a very long call with the client to discuss their flexibility, but nothing could be done. When extending the offer verbally to the candidate as is, he expressed no excitement and said he was not sure how he felt about the offer. After sending him a long e-mail with offer details and some additional points I felt he should consider, he accepted within 5 minutes, told me he was happy — in fact, he was so happy he had difficulty expressing how pleased he was.

Tell us a change or changes you would be very happy to see happen related to recruitment

  • Better use of online communication tools for both client- and candidate-side, such as instant chatting or social networking websites, and being able to use more modern methods to easier relay and share information. LOL, the new generation doesn`t like to communicate in traditional ways like phone calls and emails anymore!
  • Even tools to more easily coordinate meetings and interviews would be great to lessen the time spent on administrative tasks.

Any random thoughts you`d like to share about the Japan recruitment market?

  • Globalization of Japanese companies seem to be hindered by middle-managers who are reluctant to shift to younger talents and talents with different cultural backgrounds
  • This is also a really passive candidate market where people really value security over opportunity and potential. Excellent candidates will be reluctant to consider changing jobs unless there are internal or external circumstances that may strongly influence them.
  • With Covid19, companies are starting to realize the value of video conferencing for interviews (at least initial step) and other meetings, and this may continue after Covid19. It is cost and time efficient, and I imagine this digital transformation will stick. I imagine many companies will also shift to making WFH/remote work standard after Covid19 to also reduce costs if it doesn’t impact the productivity of the business.

If you hadn`t gone into recruitment what would you have been?

I was considering options as an English teacher or cabin crew 😊 (I’m sure my colleagues will laugh at the latter…)


Dancing, working out, video games, travelling

Your last meal on earth, what would it be?

Steak or my mother’s homecooked Thai food

Tell us an unusual fact about yourself that your friends might not already know.

Nearly died in a bus crash when I was 14!

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