Finding the Recruitment Agency that Fits You

by Samuel Clemente

This piece is not about why you should be looking around for a better agency opportunity; most of you are very happy in your current situation, which is exactly how it should be. But, whether now or in the future, if you decide the time and circumstances are right to consider a move, this article can help you find the agency work environment that fits your DNA. From KPIs to Culture & Compensation, the important decision you make should be a well-informed one.

From KPIs to Culture & Compensation, make sure the important decision you make is an informed one.

No doubt most of you are well-informed about recruitment options and have done your own research. Ways to learn about the market are plentiful: there are agency websites, company reviews on social media sites like GlassDoor, job ads, sites like this, and word of mouth from your x-colleagues and friends sprinkled across the industry. There is also a greater awareness of recruitment as an option among both professionals and non-specialized job seekers.

Having said that, even if you are already in the business there is a lot of information that can be both hard to get yet critical to informed decision-making. And it can be easy to forget some of the basic things you should be considering. So though the below is hardly comprehensive, it might give you some additional things to consider.

The Right Questions to Ask

Like I said, there are no absolute best and worst companies based on the above — just better or worse depending on what`s important to you. So, figure out what your priorities are and research accordingly.

And consider using a Recruiter specialized in placing recruiters  — they can add the same value to your search as you add to your candidates`.

Life is short but not that short —  make sure you invest the time needed to find the environment that works the best for you!

If you want to know your options in greater detail, reach out to Ivan at 090-8500-1342 or He`s low-pressure, discreet, and can help you understand which companies are most suited to your own priorities. (And even if you end up moving directly to your friend`s company in the end, no problem. Ivan will still happily try to add value by offering advice and information your friends might not have.)