What are the types of people you feel tend to excel in Domo?

(Simon Cropper/Japan & APAC HR Director) Because we are still quite a small organization with only several hundred employees globally, successful new talent will excel if they ask a lot of questions, build a strong network with key people who can help them succeed in their role and don’t expect too much support. We are lean and mean and folks coming from larger and well-structured organizations find it tough to fit in their new job during the first few months. Once they get over some of these challenges they’ll find life at Domo fun and very exciting!

Company HQ Location

American Fork, Utah, USA

Japan Office Location/s

Tokyo, Osaka

How Long in Japan

Several years.

# of people in Japan


Services / Products

Domo, Inc is a cloud-based platform designed to provide direct, simplified, real-time access to business data for decision makers across the company with minimal IT involvement. It is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) venture. Domo is the fully mobile, cloud-based operating system that unifies every component of your business and delivers it all, right on your phone. Domo brings together all your people, data, and systems into one place for a digitally-connected business.

Sectors Covered / Serviced

Across industry

Can you tell us what you see as Domo`s culture or DNA?

(Simon Cropper/Japan & APAC HR Director) We’re called Domosapiens. It’s so fresh, we even made up a new word for it. We are truly hands-on and if things don’t go your way, we take action ourselves to solve any problems we face. It’s all about the customer and doing what is right for all our stakeholders.

Tell us something you feel is unique about how Domo does business.

(Simon Cropper/Japan & APAC HR Director) At first I was really worried as HR how COVID 19 would impact the lives of our employees and our future business in Japan and globally. This crisis has been a huge challenge but our staff embraced it and took our company to new levels of success we haven’t seen before. Domo’s products are unique and really help an organization to do so much more with all their data. The key to a company’s success isn’t just collecting data but knowing how and when to use it. Many CEOs and Management teams wish they had better data, and data that actually means something.

In HR at previous firms, I was never sure of exactly how many employees we had daily, or who we have just offered a new role to, or how many people were quitting any given month. The data was always old and when executives asked me questions in the boardroom I always had to say, “let me get back to you on that”. Domo allows me now to have all of the data I need to do my job in HR quickly and in real-time and right on my phone. We connect all the people, all the data across the entire company platform making any organization truly digitally connected and that’s powerful.

Tell us anything more you feel people should know about Domo.

(Simon Cropper/Japan & APAC HR Director) Right now Domo is doing some amazing things to support the health and safety of company employees and I am really proud of what we have done over the last few months since the Covid-19 crisis began. One of those is Domo’s “Get Back to Work Solutions”

I would recommend taking a look at this link and watch the short video, which talks about our GBTW Resource center which provides solutions and resources that leverage data and help and company reopen their business safely and remain open even during the COVID-19 crisis…

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