Company Culture/DNA

We are a very modern business that is not encumbered with rules expectations that can be the case with the larger more established brands. We have an excellent blend of high-achieving experienced recruiters and senior managers, with a modern forward looking approach. More importantly, we have big ambition, we are not starting this to stay small, we intend to grow rapidly, and that is why we have a big investor.

Company HQ Location

Group Headquarters – Shanghai

How Long in Japan

1 year

# of people in Japan


Japan Office Location/s

Marunouchi, Tokyo

Services / Products Offered

Retained, Contingency, RPO

Target Markets

Generalists, but are very strong in Sales and Marketing and IT currently. No target markets, but more headcount related for the next 12 months.

Types of People Who Tend to Excel In this Organization

Experienced recruiters who want to earn more money in a modern refreshing environment and who are flexible enough to adapt with the business as it changes and grows. Those who are happy to contribute to this exciting story.

Tell us something unique about how your organization operates

As above, we are modern mind and focused on growth, more so than any other company that I know of in the Tokyo market. It`s going to be an exciting ride!

Tell us anything more you feel people should know about your firm

The people and the culture is really important to us, we have experience in growing businesses and what we have been really good at is retaining its core culture as it grows.

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