10 Commandments for Interview Success (or How to Not Bomb Your Next Interview)

by Tom Jones |

Whether you’re looking for a new role for yourself or prepping a candidate for an interview, the following 10 crucial tips will help bring the results you’re looking for.

The fact is, it’s easy to fail at interviews — every interviewer is unique and can be offended or put off by something that a different interviewer might not care about at all. But there are some basic things that most interviewers look for. And after surveying over 100 (!!) TA and Agency professionals about the interview experiences they’ve had, we now present this masterlist  of interviewing fundamentals.

Nothing is more important than interview preparation so if you have a candidate you feel is good enough to be hired, take the time to go through these with your candidate before an interview.

And depending on the situation, sometimes it might make sense to review the points prior to each interview to reinforce certain areas. And don’t just send an email, get on the phone and talk it through. What might be obvious to you might not be obvious for him.

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